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Silk Pillow Case in Ash Grey

90,00€ 55,00€
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All I need is me. But still...I enjoy dreams on my silk pillow case :) 

Perfect for gift and every day luxurious experience

  • Color: Ash Grey

Please note that silk colors may look slightly different on different screens.

  • Fabric: Pure Silk from Italy, non-stretchy
  • Sizes: 50x70 and 50x60
  • Feature: ethically made and sustainable. We use only dead stock fabrics that are left from fashion houses, as to consider environmental issues. We value that all our items are made with love by locals who cares. 

 Made from natural, pure high quality silk. Natural silk pillow cases are extremely gentle to your hair and skin, silk does not absorb moisture, reduces hair frizz during sleep, smoothing skin and hair, helps prevent "sleep wrinkles". Silk is also known for naturally regulating heat, it helps to maintain correct body temperature. This fabric does not cause allergies, so it is especially suitable for babies and adults whose skin is sensitive and vulnerable. It is perfect for gift and everyday luxurious experience.

Care Guide

Silk garment will not lose its quality if you follow Silk Care Instructions:

  • Please hand wash or use gentle wash cycle at 30C.
  • No spin or tumble dry.
  • Use special laundry liquid for silk.
  • Please note that silk changes color in direct sunlight. 
  • Never bleach silk garment.
  • Never spray on silk garment perfume or deodorant.

We recommend to wash your purchase before first use.



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