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About Us

About Us

We don't know how much to share with strangers behind a screen. But once we began writing, we saw how everything is connected. We are connected. Strangers become acquaintances. Acquaintances become friends, lovers or partners. We look forward to getting to know you, on this voyage, through our mutual love of silk. Silk is alive. We can communicate through it. It can heal and comfort us and our wish is that it’s healing powers will reach you from our quaint and cozy sewing shop, wherever you are..

When silk came into our lives it replenished us with elements, which when absent, can make life unpleasant.  We sensed that this fabric has therapeutic qualities, that it helps to understand yourself, to be yourself and therefore look at everything with a much more simplistic view. Our skirts and tops are so light, fluttery  and airy.. wearing them, you don't need to pretend to be someone you’re not, because you’re already the best version of yourself.

Our products don't follow fashion trends, they’re timeless and so always fashionable.. as femininity, tenderness and a need for lightness will always be in vogue. Together with our four fairy seamstresses, we will spread our message through silk, that love is born within, when you indulge yourself 🙂

We buy residuals from Italian fabric manufacturers, therefore we don’t always have the same colors for our garments. We don't make hundreds of the same item, just a limited amount. Also it's important for us not to beautify reality with perfectly photoshopped images, so we will always look for alternative ways to reveal our garments and their adaptability throughout our everyday life and our own way of living. We value quality and hand work, so we plan to increase the variety of our garments naturally, whenever a new idea brings it’s own inspiration and vision. We are fulfilling our dreams and we hope to fulfill yours too. Let's be ourselves and find the energy within to share with one another the best intentions!

With warm wishes