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About Us

About Us

We fell in love with silk, having experienced the power of this enchanting fabric ourselves first. It was a time in our lives when we desired to empower our souls and pamper our bodies. We found this dual therapeutic potency in the elegance, strength, and sensuality of silk. In addition, silk is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic, so one can wear it day or night, winter or summer.

When silk touches your skin, there’s an instant connection. Pure magic occurs. Deeply hidden senses awaken, and a lifelong romance is born.

When dressing in „silk&jam‘s“ garments, first-time clients often get confused with the whirl of emotions that arise wherein they feel sexy, energetic, lively, beautiful, and much more than words can ever do justice.

„silk&jam’s” core sorcery is material originating from China, where silk was initially developed thousands of years ago. It then gets a color twist by Italian masters. The styles are created and manufactured in Vilnius, where each piece is as timeless and elegant as the fabric. Finally, it’s the perfect way to amp up your look, even just for a walk or meeting a special someone in the eve.


Silkstainability approach

 We are grateful to mother Earth for being able to pursue our silky infatuation. Therefore we drive this passion with plenty of responsibility:

  • Up-cycling all waste materials because silk is never a waste.
  • Our garments are sewn by women with loving energy who get fair pay.
  • No mass production - only limited amounts of every piece are made for sale.
  • The styles are long-lasting and resistant if taken care of according to instructions.

 „silk&jam“ comes in luxury packaging that can also be reused and repurposed